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amazon associates keyword trainingKEYWORDS BOOK    There are all kinds of keyword tools available but none of them are perfect and many won't show you the kinds of keywords you should really be targeting. Learn how to use two free tools to gather all the keyword ideas you'll ever need. You'll also learn the six criteria a keyword needs to pass in order to be "ideal" for this strategy.
amazon associates content trainingCONTENT WRITING & TEMPLATE BOOK   Words are your employees when it comes to affiliate marketing. You're going to have to put some written content online. That puts many people off. "What the heck am I supposed to write about?" This PDF gives you a writing outline anyone can follow to create great content for the keywords you find. I've included a complete example post so you can see what finished content should look like.
amazon associates publishing trainingPUBLISHING BOOK   Once you've written that content you need to post it online somewhere. You may not be in a position to buy hosting and your own domain name so I've outlined a perfect, free method for getting your content online. This PDF covers every button you'll have to push to make this happen AND the on-page SEO to include so that you give yourself the best chances of ranking well in Google. PLUS: My tip for getting your new posts indexed in Google in MINUTES!
amazon associates traffic trainingTRAFFIC BOOK    Follow the instructions in the Content PDF and your words are perfectly positioned to bring you free traffic from Google but we're not going to stop there. I'll show you how to tap into an excellent, free traffic source for Amazon affiliate content to multiply your traffic potential.


You may have heard other people talk about how they're able to make 4 and 5 figures a month as an affiliate for Amazon. You may even have tried it yourself. Chances are you earned nothing. Most people who try do not have a clear cut plan to follow and that makes it difficult to succeed. 


I assure you, though, that it IS very possible.


But you can't leave it up to chance. You can't go in cold and expect to do well. You could spend months - or YEARS - putting content online and get nowhere.

Being a successful affiliate marketer requires following a process. Everything is a process - what you do at your daily job is a process, right? How Starbucks makes a vanilla latte is a process. How you fill and run your dishwasher is a process.

Putting content online to drive sales through Amazon also requires following a process. Become familiar with the process and you can build content that will work for you time and time again.

Smart, experienced affiliate marketers know the steps in this process and they're able to leverage that knowledge into consistent, monthly deposits into their checking account straight from Amazon - one of the biggest online retailers in the world.

I know what you're going through. You're fed up with your job at work. Sick of being a slave to someone else's schedule. Perhaps you're a parent who knows they'd be happier (and their kids would be better off) if they could only work from home on their time...on their schedule.

This was me six years ago. As a vice president at one of the largest banks in the country I traveled A LOT. I had three boys and a husband at home and I didn't get to see them every day. My kids often couldn't even remember what city I was in when I was on the road. I missed milestones in my children's lives.

I was miserable.

So, I started putting all that alone time in hotel rooms across the country to good use. I tripped across someone talking about affiliate marketing and I was determined to see if I could make it work.

It was one failing attempt after another. Months of failing. But each failure gave me one more piece of the puzzle.

Eventually, I figured out "the process".

Six years ago I left my six figure a year job and now provide for my family working from home and the bulk of my income comes from affiliate marketing - specifically, the Amazon Associates program.

I remember that sheer dread at the thought of having to go into the office or of having to pack for yet another trip out of town for work. It's for that reason that I now also write detailed, actionable guides about the processes I've developed for my affiliate marketing business.

I'm not worried about competition - I want YOU to be able to experience the kind of life you're dreaming about right now and I don't want you to have to spend months or years failing before you figure it out.

This free guide isn't going to make you rich in and of itself. It will, though, teach you all the skills you'll need in your toolbox if you want to achieve success as quickly as possible with the Amazon Associates program WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND A DIME.

Sign up today and I'll send you a series of emails over the next five days that covers the critical skills you need to know AND step by step instructions for everything from finding keywords to getting traffic to your content.

This isn't just theory - this is a WORKING strategy that you can put to use immediately.

Don't waste yet one more day trying to figure out how this all works by yourself. Start this method now AND learn those necessary skills that are going to make all the difference in your online efforts.

Fill in the box ABOVE and let's get going!


Erica Stone


Her instructions are easy to read and simple to follow. But when I got stuck a few times, it was so refreshing to know that help was just a very quick email away. Erica always has helpful suggestions and just the right amount of motivation to keep the project moving right along. - Shawn Davis

Erica has her student's best interest at heart. She is not here to make a quick buck. She is here to provide strategies and guidance to ensure our maximum success. - Lei Chidester


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